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In its quest for being your preferred Hospitality service provider, UFC has been at the cutting edge of the Industry for the last decade. UFC single point service includes:

  • Catering

    Catering is a part of the various culinary arts, and we consider ourselves the artists. We craft each menu and every dish with utmost care and delicacy. Our customers get excited by the diverse choices they’re open to, relishing their food and commending their hearty appreciation to our chefs.

  • Industrial catering

    Join hands with us to provide your workforce with a healthy and balanced diet. We specialize in providing the best in class menu which is value for money. We ensure that only fresh ingredients are used in our production chain. In short UFC is your one stop solution to food management, whether it be in offices, dine in, camps or remote sites.

  • Institutional catering

    Institutional catering is a complex world that comprises various types of service-from company canteens to school lunch rooms, hospitals etc. We shall make it look simple through careful work planning and programming. Food hygiene and safety are of utmost importance and is guaranteed to the maximum level.

  • Provision supplies

    UFC also constantly monitors that the provision supplies are being done as to meet the demands of catering requirements.We always take measures to avoid the scarcity of supplies in order to meet all the catering requirements.

Food Hygiene

UFC  implements and maintains an effective food hygiene system, including general hygiene practices and food process hygiene practices in accordance with various requirements .Top management of UFC commits to the development and implementation of the food hygiene system and to continually improving its effectiveness by

  • Establishing food hygiene policy.
  • Ensuring that planning of the food hygiene system is carried out to meet the requirements stated
  • Ensuring adequate resources for developing, implementing and maintaining the food hygiene
  • Conducting check and review of the food hygiene system
Food hygiene consists of several essentials, which are:
  • Employee Health & Medical Control
  • Employee Food Safety & Training
  • Sanitary facility & Equipment Control
  • Personnel Hygiene
  • Raw Material Quality
  • Food Storage – System
  • Time & Temperature Control
  • Cross –contamination
  • Cleaning & Sanitation
  • Pest Control


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