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United Families Catering (UFC) is owned by Mr. S. Somaraj, an experienced business magnate. UFC is registered under the United Arab Emirates Registration Act under Certificate of Incorporation Commercial License No: CN-1174424 and Trade License No: 624603.

As the face of UFC our staff pride themselves on working to reflect high company standards. We believe that staff manner and presentation skills are important to the success of our company. We look for individuals who are enthusiastic and have a personality so that they can interact with customers in a professional yet personal way. A total of 40 years of local expertise is brought to enabling strength in human resources management, system of control in quality  and service, and the ability to develop our business to deliver the very best available in an ever changing market place.Our catering expertise ranges from knowing the right meal options to providing the finest service to our clients. Our in-house nutritionist works closely with our chefs to come out with the healthiest and most balanced menu choices suitable for each client.

We demand the highest level of professional integrity from all our employees and associates. We set our standards in excess of client expectations eventually leaving a smile on their face.


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